Programs & Services


Autism Awareness, Community Education and Support (AACES)

Autism Awareness, Community Education and Support (AACES) is a group of programs designed to increase independence and decrease isolation among young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We can help you: Transition into adulthood Develop and practice effective social skills Build relationships with peers in a welcoming environment Find and maintain employment Gain work experience…

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Bucks County Health Connections

The purpose of Bucks County Health Connections is to integrate physical and behavioral healthcare by promoting healthy lifestyles, identifying and educating consumers with complex medical issues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. Our Team We currently have three nurses working as Nurse Navigators within this program. We also have Certified Peer Specialists…

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Bucks County Housing Authority Case Management

We provide information and referrals for low-to-moderate income older and disabled residents of the Bucks County Housing Authority (BCHA) managed housing sites. Our program began as a partnership between BCHA and Family Service to meet the growing needs of older and disabled adults at high risk of losing their independence. If you, or someone you know, are living…

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Bucks Villa

Bucks Villa is an independent living facility for people who are HIV positive or living with AIDS. The residence is managed by Family Service Association of Bucks County. Residents are single men and women eighteen years of age and older, all of whom are living with a disability documented by the Social Security Administration. All…

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CONTACT Helpline

The CONTACT Helpline provides free, anonymous and confidential telephone services to individuals who are contemplating suicide, struggling with life’s challenges or in need of someone to listen. CONTACT Helpline staff and volunteers are specially trained in active listening skills and strategies for supporting people under emotional stress. Service Areas Helpline services are available to residents of Bucks and…

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Guardianship for Adults

Sometimes formerly capable adults are no longer able to receive and evaluate information effectively, and their ability to communicate decisions is impaired. As a result, they are unable make informed decisions about their health or finances and can no longer manage their basic needs, leaving them at risk. Such adults are considered to be incapacitated….

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HIV/AIDS Program

The HIV/AIDS Program is made up of several inter-related programs. We serve men, women, seniors, young adults and people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds regardless of income. Two basic premises guide what we do: Everyone should know their status. If HIV positive, the sooner you are connected to medical care, the better your chances…

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Homeless Services

Bucks County Housing Link The Bucks County Housing Link is the centralized point of information, assessment and referral services for all Bucks County residents experiencing a housing-related crisis. The Housing Link is a project of Housing Continuum Care of Bucks County. The Bucks County Housing Link pilot project opened on November 11, 2013. The Housing Link is…

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LINKS Time-Limited Family Reunification

Our LINKS Family Reunification program reunifies children who are in foster care with their parents. As our staff work to reunite these children with their families, we also connect parents with other community resources that will support them in preventing re-placement of their children in care and in maintaining long-term stability. Who We Serve Families…

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Outpatient Counseling

We provide individual, couples and family counseling for people of all ages. Since we believe you should have a say in the decisions made about your care, we will work together to build on your strengths, helping you feel confident in your ability to manage your life. Different problems require different solutions. Therapy is about growth, reaching one’s potential,…

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Parent Support Group

Our Parent Support Group meets weekly to help you make positive changes in your parenting. The support group is a place to come together with other parents to share feelings about and get advice on being a good parent. You’ll exchange creative parenting practices based on your own personal experiences and develop a lasting network…

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Parents As Teachers

Parents as Teachers, an Early Childhood Service, assists families who are pregnant or who have children ages five and under. We promote positive parenting, enhance child health and development, prevent child abuse and prepare children for kindergarten. All of our services are free of charge. As a parent in our nationally recognized, evidence-based program, you are supported by PAT-certified…

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Peer Support Whole Health Groups

All participants in our Peer Support Whole Health Groups work on a different health goal each week. These groups are designed to create weekly action plans to help you accomplish a goal that is crucial to your overall success. The groups focus on peer accountability and support. Our Peer Support Whole Health Groups are based…

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School-Based Counseling

Some children experience significant emotional or behavioral difficulties in the school. School-based services enable our clinicians, your child’s teachers, and other support staff to communicate directly and effectively coordinate care. We work closely with your child’s school to maximize the benefits from counseling. Many families have difficulties attending a traditional outpatient clinic. This service enables children to receive counseling directly…

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Supportive Case Management

Our Supportive Case Management outreach team provides people with assistance in achieving their recovery goals. As a participant in our program, we help you manage your illness(es) so you can maintain a consistent level of psychiatric stability, reduce substance abuse and achieve a higher level of functioning in your community. Services Wellness management and relapse…

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Teen Center

Being a teenager comes with lots of challenges. We can help. The Teen Center is a confidential place where you can vent about your problems and get support from caring professionals and others who are going through similar struggles. All teens ages 14-19 are welcome. Our Staff Our staff is experienced and trained in working with teens…

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Tobacco Awareness Program

All too often, people with mental illnesses develop other health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, because their general health is affected by their illness and medications. Our nurses work with clients to determine ways to improve diet, reduce smoking, and include exercise in their lives in order to improve their physical well-being. Smoking rates of those with…

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Want to speak with us?

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Need to talk?: 215-355-6000

Housing Link: 1-800-810-4434