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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors works tirelessly to keep our agency apace with the many challenges of our community. Board members have a rich history of public service. Their wide range of backgrounds and areas of professional expertise combine to form a diverse, dynamic and dedicated team with a hands-on approach to issues affecting individuals, children and families. The leadership, time, talent and charity of the Board of Directors are at the forefront of our organization’s efforts and accomplishments.

Members of Our Board of Directors

Deborah B. Van Aken, PhD, President

Alice Cahill Gens, Vice President
New Jersey Business & Industry Association

Cliff Davis, Secretary
Quality Resourcing Services

Joseph J. Stoll, Esq., Treasurer
Financial Service Professional

Mark S. Cappuccio, Esq.
Eastburn and Gray, P.C.

Sonja Foster-Storch
Community Member

Philip Mitchell
Cooley LLP

Brad Phillips
Community Member

Timothy Wade
Retired Investment Advisor / Community Member

Christine M. Zador-Silverman, DO
Woodbourne Medical Associates

Jon Rubin, Esq.

Jean Holmes
Development Professional