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Managers & Supervisors

Buinewicz, Jacob
Medical Director

Coyle, Lauren
Associate Director of Clinical Services
215-757-6916- ext. 111

Dysinger, Amber
Housing First/Blended Case Management Assistant Manager

Frazier, Breana
Housing First/Blended Case Management Manager

Goldbach, Patricia
Intake & Assessment Manager
215-355-6606, ext. 1003

Kazimer, Sarah
Associate Director of Community Based Services
215-757-6916, ext. 247

Lyons, Julie
Clinical Supervisor of School-Based Services

Miller, Courtney
Data Analytics & Systems Manager
215-757-6916, ext. 252

Minton, Rachel
Family Strengthening Manager

Neilson, Victoria
Senior Manager of Outpatient Programs
215-757-6916 ext 137

Piasecki, Marlene
Grants and Special Projects
215-757-6916, ext. 236

Richards, Anne Marie
Volunteer and Engagement Manager
215-757-6916, ext. 218

Roytman, Gary
Clinical Supervisor

Schukin, Susan
Shelter Case Management Supervisor
215-949-1727, ext. 303

Seay, John

Shrager, Gabrielle
Family Strengthening Assistant Manager

Treanor, Brian
Grants and Communications Manager
215-757-6916, ext. 202

Trespalacios, Dawn
Forensic & Recovery Education Manager
215-757-6916, ext. 101

Tucholski, Lisa
Community Outreach Manager
215-757-6916, ext. 137

Tumolo, Gary
Interim HAP Manager
215-757-6916, ext. 237

Willis, Traci
Shelter Operations Manager
215-949-1727 ext. 302