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Addiction and Recovery Services



Our Community Addiction Recovery & Engagement (CARE) program (previously the Opioid Use Disorder Center of Excellence) was developed in 2016, as a response to the growing opioid epidemic. In total, 45 providers across the State of Pennsylvania have fostered Center of Excellence programs, including Family Service. Our team strives to always evolve and adapt to the needs of the people we serve. In addition to upholding our existing program offerings, we have expanded our scope to include a strong focus on harm reduction education and practices. Educating the community on these proven techniques will further support our goal of reducing the number of opioid overdoses and deaths.


Our CARE Coordinators are community based, allowing the team to travel to individuals throughout Bucks County. We will work with you to seamlessly access the behavioral, physical, and mental health system, along with other resources you may need to aid in achieving your recovery goals. We are a team of individuals with lived experience, which gives us a unique connection to those we serve. We want to meet you where you’re at first, with open minds and hearts, while we move through your recovery journey with you.


Harm Reduction education, support & supplies Person Centered/Individualized Care Coordination of care with clinical staff Assistance with medical insurance, sober living, primary care physician and other life needs Connection to sober supports Support and resources for all pathways to recovery Connections to medically assisted treatment


We serve those who are struggling, or have struggled, with a substance use disorder. We offer priority admission to at-risk populations including people who inject drugs, women, women with children, veterans, overdose survivors and preferential treatment services to pregnant women. Additionally, we provide harm reduction education and supplies as requested or needed.


Referrals can be made by calling 215.757.6916, ext. 137. Services are strictly confidential and adhere to Pennsylvania Drug and Alcohol and Mental Health licensing regulations, as well as HIPAA regulations. Private information will be shared only upon written authorization. The CARE team practices and educates on Harm Reduction measures. We are available to host workshops providing education on current drug trends effecting our community, Narcan distribution and education, fentanyl testing strips, and rescue breathing techniques/signs of overdose.



The Never Use Alone hotline helps reduce overdose risk, through having someone available over the phone who can help establish a safety plan and send medical help if needed.