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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commitment of Family Service

Statement of Beliefs and Goals regarding diversity, equity, and belonging

Close ups of sections of diverse faces with bright colored backgrounds

We Believe:

  • Policies and practices have systemically disadvantaged certain groups of people and served to protect the power and privilege of the dominant culture.
  • We see and acknowledge the systematic disparity in our agency and community and commit to the work necessary to disband inequality.
  • Listening to people who have experienced systemic racism is essential to inform the work that is necessary to enact meaningful change.
  • Cultivating an environment of belonging, acceptance, equality, and respect will be challenging at times and take perseverance, courage, and commitment at all levels of the organization.
  • Showing compassion, warmth, and empathy is a necessary component of an environment of acceptance and belonging.

Our Goals:

  • All staff have, and believe they have, equitable opportunity for advancement and are represented at various levels of leadership throughout the agency.
  • At a minimum, 25% of the Family Service Board of Directors is comprised of people from the non-dominant culture.
  • A reputation as an agency that practices radical hospitality and genuinely embraces diversity in words and deeds, leading to people from all backgrounds seeking and gaining employment or services with Family Service.
  • Continuous education for our employees and the community about workplace equity and inclusion, and to make Family Service a place where our employees and clients feel a sense of belonging.
  • To be the outspoken agency that champions, supports and advances racial equity, diversity, and equality in all areas of the Bucks County community.
  • For our work environment to be safe, brave, and welcoming, so that everyone proudly shows their authentic selves at work without hesitation.

Download Racial Equity Poster