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Monthly Food Pantry Program in Bensalem

At Family Service Association of Bucks County, we understand the role proper nutrition plays in the well-being of individuals and families. Our monthly food pantry program is a cohesive effort between Family Service and the Bucks County Opportunity Council’s Food and Nutrition network. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to addressing food insecurity in Bensalem and providing healthy food options for those in need.

A Space for All

We are conveniently located at 4 Cornerstone Drive, Langhorne, PA 19047. We open our doors to the community on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Walk-ins are always welcome. For a faster and more efficient service, we encourage clients to call ahead at 215-208-7233.

For those who wish to contribute to our cause, donations are graciously accepted during the pantry’s operating hours. Your support helps us continue to serve the community with pantry staples and essential items.

Serving Bucks County 

To use our food pantry, individuals or households must be residents of Bucks County. We understand that circumstances can change, and households facing food insecurity can visit the pantry monthly. We respect the dignity and privacy of our clients, and while walk-ins are welcome, we ask clients to complete a self-declaration and demographic forms as well as a release.

A Balanced Approach to Nutrition

We offer a diverse selection of items to meet the nutritional needs of our community. While the availability of specific food items may vary, we typically stock a combination of frozen meats, dry goods such as rice and beans, and soups. We believe in providing wholesome options that contribute to the overall health and well-being of the families we serve.

In addition to food items, we understand the unique challenges faced by families with young children. That’s why our Diaper Pantry provides diapers in various sizes. While quantities and sizes may vary, we aim to support families with these essential items.

Addressing Food Insecurity for a Healthier Future

Food insecurity, especially among children, can have long-term consequences on physical health, mental well-being, and overall development. Children who experience consistent access to nutritious food are better equipped to thrive academically and socially. By addressing food insecurity, we hope to break the cycle of hunger and create a foundation for a healthier, more resilient community.

Contact Us

For more information about our services, contact us at or 215-757-6916, ext 259, for assistance. Whether you have questions, need support, or want to donate, we value your involvement in our mission.

Strengthening Our Community Together

Generous contributions from donors play a crucial role in keeping our food pantry stocked and ready for community members. We welcome in-kind donations of new, unexpired, non-perishable items. Explore our Wish List to discover the items that can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those facing food insecurity.

Access to nutritious food is a basic human right. Join us in making a difference in the lives of our neighbors with our monthly food pantry, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry in Bucks County. Together, we can nourish our community and build a brighter, healthier future for all.