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Take a Stand for Children & Families in Need

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Limeaid is a great way for families to have fun while raising money to help children and families in need here in Bucks County.

On a hot summer day, grab your kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces and take a stand to support children in need. By opening a Limeaid stand, your children and teens will learn how the smallest efforts can make a big difference to feed, shelter, heal and teach those in need. And you’ll have fun too!


Step 1: Open a Stand on a Warm Sunny Day
When running a Limeaid stand, a few materials are mandatory for success: a table, some signs and, of course, pitchers of the most refreshing limeaid. Grab some markers and poster board and explain how you, together with Family Service, are helping children in Bucks County. For the tastiest limeaid, stir up one of our easy recipes. Nothing goes better with limeaid than some cookies, so be sure to bring some along. And don’t forget the ice!

Step 2: It’s Free!
Woo your neighbors by offering free limeaid! Then kindly ask for a donation of their choice. Once you tell them how even the smallest donation will help make a big change in the lives of children in need, they will be sure to donate to your cause. Take a look at our statistics and facts to help explain to your friends and neighbors why they should support your stand.

Step 3: Explain Why You Are Taking a Stand
Make it clear that you feel passionate about supporting children in need. Help your children or teens get prepared to answer some basic questions about Family Service or those in need in Bucks County. 100% of your donation will go directly to services that meet the most urgent needs facing children and families in our community.

Step 4: Have Fun!
Sell lots of limeaid to your friends and neighbors. Nothing is more memorable than a great afternoon with your family!

Step 5: Send Us Your Donations and Photos
Contact and send us photos of your limeaid stand! Donate your proceeds online or send in a check payable to Family Service. Be sure to include limeaid in the memo and mail it to 4 Cornerstone Drive, Langhorne, PA 19047.



Thank you for supporting children and families in need!